Who is Bitboy Crypto?

bitboy crypto

Ben Armstrong, who is popularly known as BitBoy Crypto is a YouTuber, TikToker, entrepreneur, media face, and internet personality. He hails from the United States of America and is famously known for his fabulous YouTube videos.

BitBoy Crypto- Introduction

Bitboy’s real name is Ben Armstrong and was born on the 27th of October in 1982. According to reports, he took birth in the United States of America and currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. He is 39 years young as of 2021. His zodiac sign is Scorpio. He took his basic education at a local school in the United States. Thereafter, he completed his graduation from high school. As per Bitboy Crypto’s LinkedIn account, he enrolled in Toccoa Falls College in 2009. He received his bachelor’s degree in Ministry leadership in 2012. He also went to Kennesaw State University.

More About BitBoy Crypto Personal Life

Ben Armstrong aka Bitboy Crypto is a quiet reserved person about his personal life and family. He has not even mentioned anything about his parents on his verifies social media platforms. You might get to know about his daily routine via his personal Instagram account. When you go through his various accounts, you will find that he completely takes care of his grandparents. His grandmother met an accident some time ago, however, she has recovered now, shared BitBoy Crypto on his IG account. Apart from this, you might also know that his brother’s name is Chad Armstrong who is married and has a kid too. This also has a sister named Macie Schiele. You might not be able to know about his parents on his social media handles as he has not disclosed anything about them. Furthermore, he’s a believer in Christianity and his ethnicity is white.

BitBoy Crypto YouTubechannel has a huge number of subscribers as he is a talented and smart YouTube star. You can see him sharing his pictures with his family on his social media platforms. FYI, he’s a family man and is married to Bethany Armstrong. It has been a decade of their togetherness. They became friends eventually and got into a relationship. After some time, they decided to tie the knot. BitBoy Crypto’s wife is fond of reading and can be seen sharing her readings on her Instagram handle.

Bit Boy Crypto and his wife have three kids. The Armstrong couple is proud parents of two sons and one daughter. Their complete care is taken by the couple and often spotted on social media handles enjoying their family time. However, the make of their kids has not been disclosed yet.

BitBoy Crypto: Career Highlights

Bit Boy Crypto who is Ben Armstrong has worked at many organizations. According to his LinkedIn account, he was Executive Director at ‘Three Dimensional Life company in the period of 2015 to 2018. Moreover, he served as a co-host at ‘Beards and Bitcoins’. Thereafter, he created his YouTube channel. Let us now discuss BitBoy Crypto’s later life as a YouTuber.

BitBoy Crypto YouTube Channel

Bitboy Crypto created his YouTube channel on 8th February 2018. He has gained 1.45 million subscribers and approximately 180 million views as of now. This YouTube channel has a bunch of videos on various categories such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Back to Basics, and many others. His many videos have received millions of views.

The video he shared on 20th March 2021 under the head ‘Top 3 Coins to $3 Million (NFT Picks to Become Millionaire)’ is the most popular. This video gained the highest number of views. In addition, his YouTube channel has a lot of short videos related to the cryptocurrency market.

BitBoy Crypto as an Entrepreneur

According to BitBoy’s LinkedIn profile, he owns the ‘Front Page Tickets’ since January 2011. He also has his own Website and Graphic design company titled ‘Ben Armstrong designs’. It was launched in January 2015. He is now serving as the founder of BitBoy Crypto, High Throughput Productions, & HIT Network since January 2018. In an interview, he stated that he began investing in bitcoin in 2012.

After knowing all this, you might be wondering about BitBoy Crypto’s net worth. So, now, let’s discuss and find out about the income of BitBoy Crypto.

What is BitBoy Crypto Net Worth?

Ben Armstrong has an extreme lifestyle in which he has a huge cars collection. He also owns a branded Lamborghini car that is black. Furthermore, he also owns another branded car that is quite expensive. His posh home includes a high-tech kitchen and living area that can steal anyone’s heart. However, he has created a completely separate set-up to shoot videos for his YouTube channel.

His branded gadgets include Apple computers, iMac, and other expensive units. A costly golden work on his teeth can also be seen. He has various sources of income. To name a few, these sources include YouTube channels, social media platforms, business, brand ads, and cryptocurrency. If we estimate, BitBoy Crypto has a net worth of 5-6 million USD roughly which can be more or less depending on his work efficiency.

Interesting facts About BitBoy Crypto

• BitBoy learned shooting from a personal trainer and can be seen shooting guns on his official YouTube channel.
• BitBoy Crypto has three kids and he has taken the responsibility for their upbringing with his spouse; Bethany Armstrong.
• His YouTube channel got banned in July 2021. However, it was later reactivated by YouTube because of BitBoy Crypto Twitter following.
• He also has a keen interest in traveling and can be seen visiting beautiful places with his family.
• BitBoy Crypto has two pet dogs that are of the pit bull breed.
• He commercialized his products using his various social media platforms.
• A few people know that this famous TikToker, as well as YouTuber, loves to eat his favorite food from expensive food shops.
• He has made 3300 posts on Instagram and has 456k followers as of now.
• BitBoy Crypto deals are disclosed on his official website and his various social media platforms.

Take Away

That’s all about BitBoy Crypto. We hope that now you know everything about this famous YouTuber, TikToker, entrepreneur, and social media icon. You can follow him to get more knowledge about Cryptocurrency and Metaverse.

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