Looking for the Best NFT to buy polygon punks ã°âÿâšâ€? Let’s Help!

best nft to buy polygon punks ã°âÿâšâ€

CryptoPunks was one of the first NFTs to be launched on the blockchain Ethereum. They were introduced by Larva Labs in 2017. After their launching, CryptoPunks created a storm in the NFT world. It witnessed further growth when they were being sold for hundreds of dollars. However, the popularity does not stop here. People were attracted more to CryptoPunks when a Belarusian-American entrepreneur author purchased one for $3 million. But, as the time passed a large group of people could cash in on the hype. Thus, CryptoPunks became out of reach for many. But, as time passed, NFT gained immense popularity and people started looking for the best nft to buy polygon punks ã°âÿâšâ€.

But what are Polygon Punks and why one should invest in them? Give a read to this post and learn everything related to Polygon Punks.

What Actually are Polygon Punks NFTs?

Polygon Punks are one of the latest NFT arrivals in the Polygon (Matic) network. They have gained a huge number of eyeballs in a short span. FYI, the complete range of Polygon Punks was officially minted on August 3rd, 2021. This made them the first punks to be minted on Polygon.

The vision of launching Polygon Punks was to introduce a unique currency. However, they still represent and operate on the principle of original ‘OG’ CryptoPunks NFT collections. Now, let’s try to understand how many Polygon Punks are there and what are the best nft to buy polygon punks ã°âÿâšâ€ amongst the variety of options available.

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How Many Polygon Punks Have Been Introduced?

Polygon Punks are nothing but a unique collection of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) based on 10k punks that are on the Polygon blockchain. However, they can also be purchased with ETH. All of the Polygon Punks that exist are different and possess different attributes. Their uniqueness makes it difficult to decide the best nft to buy polygon punks ã°âÿâšâ€.

The time when the Polygon Punks minting was completed, people ran to look for the best nft to buy polygon punks ã°âÿâšâ€. The craze for the best nft to buy polygon punks ã°âÿâšâ€ was that in less than a day, Polygon Punks became the second most popular NFT collection on the OpenSea market in terms of volume. A week after the introduction of Polygon Punks, their trading volume across the NFT markets surpassed half a million dollars. And, surprisingly this volume was a lot more than the volume CryptoPunks had garnered over three years. But, what makes the Polygon Punks different from CryptoPunks despite so many similarities, and why people are interested in the best NFT to invest in Polygon Punks. Here’s what you need to know.

How are CryptoPunks and Polygon Punks Different?

• You might be knowing that the market has witnessed a great escalation of CryptoPunks, which makes them unattainable for the majority. But, when Polygon Punks came into the picture, they arrived as an affordable alternative. The reason being the low price of Polygon Punks than that of the CryptoPunks.

• Also, Polygon Punks are quite different from other NFT collections in the market which lost their existence in the vast market even before reaching the pinnacle. The blockchain of their existence makes them apart from CryptoPunks.

• Polygon Punks is built on one of the fastest and most cost-effective “Polygon” networks. They are quite similar to CryptoPunks and have the same features too. But, what makes them unique is their different varieties and background colors.

• Above all, Polygon Punks are the first punks that are created on the polygon network and are the most cost-effective than their Ethereum counterparts. Polygon network exists above Ethereum as layer 2 blockchain. The Ethereum chain secures and processes the transaction. Developers are devising secondary layers on the top of existing blockchains to increase the number of transactions per second in a network. Polygon strives to be the second-largest blockchain ecosystem and is compatible with Ethereum blockchain technology.

• Polygon utilizes the proof-of-stake consensus algorithm to secure the network and mint new coins with time. Users need to lock up their tokens in this method. It facilitates them to get nominated randomly to validate new blocks of data.

Now, straightforward let’s talk about the steps to buy Polygon Punks NFTs and the best nft to buy polygon punks ã°âÿâšâ€.

Steps to Buy Polygon Punks NFTs

Step 1: Set Up Your eToro Account

To begin with, you need an eToro account. For setting up an eToro account, you need to visit the Toro website and provide some personal information.

Step 2: Verify Your eToro Account

After successfully creating an eToro account, you have to verify it so that you can deposit funds. To validate your eToro account, you need to provide valid ID proof. Once your eToro account gets verified, you can add funds using e-wallets like PayPal and Skrill.

Step 3: Buy Ethereum

After depositing funds to the account, you can buy Ethereum. To purchase it, go to the Search bar and type Ethereum into it. Thereafter, type in the amount of Ether you want to buy. The amount entered by you will get deposited into your account and you can use it to buy NFTs.

Step 4: Link your Wallet to NFT Marketplace

Now, you need to connect your wallet to a popular marketplace like OpenSea with the help of WalletConnect. Visit the OpenSea website and click on the WalletConnect option. Thereafter, scan the QR code or provide your wallet address. Once done, your eToro wallet and OpenSea will get linked.

What are the Best NFT to buy polygon punks ã°âÿâšâ€ in 2022?

Polygon Punks NFTs may be an excellent investment, in the extremely profitable CryptoPunks series. If you want to be an early investor in an NFT project, there are even newer NFT collections that will be coined in 2022. The Lucky Block Platinum Rollers Club collection, which is set to arrive this month, is one such choice. It is currently regarded as the best nft to buy polygon punks ã°âÿâšâ€. Lucky Block is among the finest cryptocurrencies on the market at the moment now because it delivers a distinct viewpoint on the traditional lottery process.

The Platinum Rollers Club range offers 25 ‘Rare Edition’ NFTs, one of which allows the NFT owner to double their reward money if they win the everyday prize. You will soon be able to mint your own Lucky Block NFTs for $1,500, according to a proposition that has sparked the interest of many members of the Lucky Block Telegram channel and made them the best nft to buy polygon punks ã°âÿâšâ€.

Final Words

Polygon Punks, as contrasted to its Ethereum equivalent, CryptoPunks, are a lot more affordable choice to invest in, making them suitable for first-time entrepreneurs. Because of the popularity of Lucky Block up to this point, there is already a lot of hype surrounding the best nft to buy polygon punks ã°âÿâšâ€. Therefore, these assets are expected to sell like hotcakes.

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